Levidio Animatoon Vol 2


Create High Converting 3D & 2D Animated Explainer Video in just 2 Minutes!
Levidio Trusted by More than17000 Entrepreneurs and Marketers from Around the World
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Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 is the solution ALL Animation Video Needs
*The easiest way to create 3D & 2D animated videos.
*All Elements can be customized easily allowing you to create videos for any need.
*Step-by-step tutorials that will guide you to master and maximize Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 faster.
*Export high-quality 4K HD videos and improve your brand recognition within minutes
*Special course to maximize 3D video creation using PowerPoint and blender
*1000+ Assets
*400+ Templates
*11 Modules
Levidio Animatoon Is the solution for All Animation Video Needs
Levidio Animatoon is a combination of all the powerful tools needed to support video marketing, including
World’s Best Quality Templates Library
There’s no denying that levidio has the best template quality in the world. In addition to offering video effects & innovative animations, levidio is also very easy to customize for all kinds of needs
Complete Video Assets
Not only templates but also hundreds of assets animated videos that you can combine with the template on levidio animatoon volume 2, so it allows you to generate unique animated videos for each of your needs
Step by Step Tutorial
We’ve provided a very detailed step-by-step tutorial to make sure you can master levidio animatoon volume 2 faster and easier.
Levidio Animatoon Vol 2
Module 1 – 20 2D Characters (1,000+ Assets)
Module 2 – 15 3D Characters
Module 3 – 20 2D Video Templates
Module 4 – 3D Video Explainer Template
Module 5 – 200 Banners
Module 6 – 25 3D Banner Animation & 70+ 3D Assets
Module 7 – 250+ Backgrounds
Module 8 – 7 3D Backgrounds
Module 9 – 50 2D Object Assets
Module 10 – 75+ 3D Object Assets
Module 11 – 16 3D Video Ecourse
Tutorial Step-by-step Per Module
Commercial License
Create 3D & 2D Animated Videos Now As Easy as 1 – 2 – 3
Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Breaks the Boundaries of Powerpoint and Lets You Create Captivating Animated Videos Quickly & Easily
Choose from dozens of professional templates we provide OR you can Start the video created from scratch!
Easily modify your template, follow our tutorials and combine them with the hundreds of assets we’ve provided.
Export your work into high-quality videos that are ready to help your promotion.
2D Video Banner Templates


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