Are you looking for the best 8 inch subwoofer? Yes, there are not many options available for 8 inch subwoofers. but below i am going to discuss few of the best 8-inch subwoofers that can fulfill your requirements.

There is a lack of the best quality car and home subwoofers in the Indian market. You can see few 8 inch subwoofers in the market but they are not that good enough. they either come with low-quality cones and small magnets. most local companies are not even using four-layer voice coils for subwoofers. which is a big flaw in the Indian audio subwoofer market in 8 inch subwoofer segment.

1.FREDO 8 Inch Subwoofer

Fredo is the best company producing the best quality subwoofers in the segments that are not much covered by any big brands.

This fredo subwoofer comes with a 120mm Humped back magnet, Stitched paper cone, and 33.4mm 4 layers pure copper coil winding that gives you excellent bass. It’s a much-loved subwoofer on amazon as they are only providing the best quality in this segment.


  • Impedance : 4 ohm
  • Wattage : 100 Watts RMS
  • Push Fit steel terminals
  • heavy packaging
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