What does a web designer do?

If you’re looking to put your design sensibilities and technological savvy to good use, securing a job as a web designer may be just what the doctor ordered. We talked to those in the know and got the scoop. Say adios to being bored at work.

What exactly does a web designer do?

These visual architects are responsible for the overall awesomeness of a website’s look—its layout, colors, fonts, icons, buttons, the whole shebang. Although not always required, many web designers have mad coding skills too, so they not only come up with a design, they use a programming language, such as CSS, Ruby, SQL, Python or ASP to implement it. Designers often know several languages or some varying combination of them.

“Having a wide skill set is critical in the industry,” says Brett Hartmann, founder of and lead web developer at Bitcookie, a web design and Internet-marketing agency. “[At a design agency], often that means a combination of either code and design, design and marketing or design and project management.”

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